“I believe there are many potential leaders out there who simply lack the self-belief and toolkit to begin their own journey to the top.”

Join Nyimpini Mabunda on his journey from his childhood in an apartheid-era homeland to the CEO’s office at one of the world’s best-known businesses.

In a career spanning Procter & Gamble, Nando’s, Diageo, Boston Consulting Group, Vodacom and General Electric in South Africa, the UK and Uganda, Mabunda shows why he strives for continuous and active improvement of his business acumen and leadership skills.

Mabunda’s path offers insight and practical advice for anyone who wants to succeed in their career, to build and lead a business. Expect inspiration and personal examples of how to:

✅  Spot opportunities
✅  Learn from business setbacks
✅  Grow an organisation by mentoring talented people
✅. Make the most of every situation
✅  Achieve well-being and manage stress

This is the perfect toolkit

to take you to the top



Probably the most unconventional book about getting the most out of your career you’ve read this year!

“An inspirational manual for actively shaping one’s career.”
Mteto Nyati

More about TAKE CHARGE

In Take Charge, Nyimpini has distilled his lifelong love of learning, personal growth and innovation into lessons for everyone who aspires to getting the most out of their careers. In a remarkable story filled with personal reflections on success, failure and tragedy, Nyimpini acts as executive coach, guide and mentor to help the next generation of leaders reach their goals.


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More about the Author

Nyimpini Mabunda

Born in 1976 in the former homeland of Gazankulu, at the height of resistance against apartheid, a young boy working at his family’s trading store began to dream that in spite of all the political and social obstacles, he could take on the world as a leader in business. Nyimpini Mabunda completed matric at the age of 15, obtained a degree from the University of Cape Town at the age of 18 and became a manager in a global consumer goods company at the age of 21.

Through modelling himself on the traits of successful business leaders he encountered in roles across Africa and Europe, Nyimpini learned how to perform so that his achievements could not be ignored. Achieving the rank of CEO of one of the world’s most recognised global organisations before the age of 40, he turned his attention to empowering others, lifting African talent to the world stage.


An inspirational manual for actively shaping one’s career

Mteto Nyati

Nyimpini’s curiosity and approach to leadership – through servant leadership and the ability to believe in yourself, even when doubts claw at your subconscious – are practical lessons and inspirations that are relevant to every reader

– Robbie Brozin

“Nyimpini Mabunda’s path offers insightful lessons and practical advice for anyone who wants to succeed in their career, build and lead a business. This is your toolkit to take you to the top!”

– Dr. Reuel Khoza

“Inspiring read. I love how you have pivoted your career multiple times an dstill made significant wins (but that you also share where you didn’t win_. I admire your agility across industries and your ability to stay learning.”

– Kele Boakgomo

“Thank you for taking the time to share your personal and professional experience through this amazing read. What has kept me enticed through the entire book is the level at which you have opened your entire life to your readers, including the great moments and successes along with setbacks. This for me as a young professional aspiring to be an executive in big business one day has changed my perspective in terms of navigating through corporate and my personal life”

– Masana Mabale

“Thank you Nyimpini Mabunda for sharing yourself with us and taking us on a journey, from your school days to the corporate giant you have become”

– Duma Ngcobo

“You had me spellbound with your accessible , easy to read conversational style . Your humility and courage truly shone through the pages of this book . One of the major lessons I have learnt from you here is the power of intentionality and a purposeful singlemindedness.”

– Tebogo Mphake

“I immersed myself in it during my two hour flight to Lubumbashi. Nice read. Well done brother”

– Papy Mwilambwe

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